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Carmona, L25

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Carmona, L25

Latin name - Carmona

Age - 12 years. Bowl length (L) - 25 cm. Bonsai height - 45 cm. Accommodation - indoor.

Indoor bonsai is a status gift for your boss or business partner!

Bonsai is not only a living piece of art, but also an excellent investment, as its value increases with age!

Indoor bonsai prefer sunlight. These plants need to be protected from low temperatures and take care of timely watering. Do not allow the plant to dry out. The more sun a bonsai receives and the more foliage, the more often and more abundantly it needs to be watered.

If you wish to purchase this Carmona bonsai: - call us on tel. (063) 127-1010, (067) 216-2012, (044) 337-1800, (050) 415-0033. You can also purchase bonsai through our online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine. Pickup is possible from a salon store in Kiev.

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