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7 things to do in the garden before winter comes

7 things to do in the garden before winter comes

Once you have completed your fall planting, there are still a few important steps left to take in your garden and vegetable garden to get a great harvest next year.

Here are some very important things to do before the winter cold sets in:

1. Water the plants.

Before the cold season sets in, make sure all of your plants have enough moisture. The earth can harden during the winter. Trees need moisture especially during the long, cold winter months.

2. Plant the bulbs.

If you want to have the most beautiful flowers in spring, fall and early winter, this is the best time to plant them. Choose the varieties you prefer and plant the bulbs deep in the ground so that they feed during hibernation and develop harmoniously in the spring.

3. Protect your garden from pests.

If the area where you live is frequently visited by wildlife, be sure to cover up any plants that may be destroyed by them. Set up small greenhouses above them, or make a wire fence around them.

4. Collect the leaves.

If the rose leaves have fallen out, pick them up, because in winter they can seriously damage other plants, as they can be affected by various diseases.

5. Plant your plants.

Autumn is the ideal time for planting such plants as carrots, parsley, onions, garlic. This way, your plants will have time to grow before the harsh winter.

6. Nourish the soil.

Before winter comes, make sure your plants have nutrient-rich soil. Spreading manure or compost in your garden will allow you to have beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables in the spring.

7. Take advantage of the warm autumn days.

Add color to your garden with a variety of fall colors. Plant chrysanthemums, pansies, or other garden flowers to enjoy the colorful garden ahead of winter.