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Why cats and dogs love to eat grass

Why cats and dogs love to eat grass

Owners of green ornamental plants and cute tailed pets are familiar with the situation when, when you come home from work, you find an inverted flowerpot and a pile of earth in the middle of the room, and next to it, torn off, eaten leaves of your favorite plant.

Why is this happening and can it be prevented?

First you need to find out what attracts green plants to four-legged friends, which ones can be given to pets, and which ones pose a real threat to their health

Why do animals eat houseplants?

This is by no means curiosity or a desire to naughty. If your furry buddy loves to dine on a green plant, chances are they are vitamin deficient. Most often this applies to cats and dogs that do not eat dry food, but natural food. The fact is that with all our desire, it is very difficult to fill the daily need for nutrients. Also, plant fibers help cleanse the stomach from wool, which is swallowed at the time of the daily marafet. So instead of punishing the animal, go to the veterinary pharmacy.

In nature, there are many useful plants for animals. Wild cats and dogs independently know how to recognize and find it. Since family friends are deprived of this opportunity, take care of it yourself.

Representatives of a green pharmacy are an irreplaceable source of health and vitality, provide an opportunity for your pets to fully receive important, healing substances.

Medicinal herb

  • - wormwood helps to recover from helminths;
  • - Eleutherococcus - stimulates and tones;
  • - Medicinal sage has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • - blueberry leaves are used to treat the gastrointestinal tract;
  • - wheatgrass - cleans the intestines from parasites and replenishes missing vitamins;
  • - green oats - fortifying effect;
  • - valerian - to relieve stomach cramps.

Recall that any herb is a medicine and should only be given after being prescribed by a doctor. Show the animal to the veterinarian, let him examine and advise what exactly your four-legged friend needs.

Dangerous plants for animals

It should be noted that not all plants are good for the health of cats and dogs, here is a list of common flowers in home culture that can do a lot of harm to your furry friends:

  • - Azalea - this beauty can cause poisoning if it gets into the stomach of an animal, signs: vomiting, profuse salivation;
  • - Beautiful eyebrow - contains a dangerous poison, causes nausea, joint weakness and drowsiness;
  • - Hydrangea - poisonous with its flowers, provokes itching, sudden weakness, pain in the stomach;
  • - Gloriosa - getting into the body, causes diarrhea, vomiting;
  • - Dieffenbachia is a favorite plant of most flower growers, it is dangerous for pets with its poisonous juice, it burns the skin and mucous membranes;
  • - Lily - a strong aroma of flowers provokes the development of allergic reactions, and oral administration leads to poisoning.

Limit the access of animals and children to these plants, for example, by moving the flowerpot out of their reach.

What grass can be grown on your windowsill

A valuable, useful and harmless product from the kingdom of flora is young oat greens, for the most part it consists of chlorophyll, which takes an active part in the processes of hematopoiesis. Oat sprouts contain amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins.

A healthy and balanced animal diet is impossible without the use of green grass. Growing your own grass in your home is a great way to keep your furry friend feeling well. In order not to keep your pet waiting, you can purchase already grown young grass at a flower shop or pet store. You only need to periodically rinse the roots under running water to keep the greens longer.

What herb can be bought in flower shops

Grass from cereals for cats and dogs is sold in a special container made of environmentally friendly material. You can use it without taking it out of the jar, just offer your pet the herb like food from a bowl. For cats, a mixture of cereals with the advantage of oats is suitable, while dogs are better off choosing wheat.

Purchasing a mixture of cereals from a flower shop and replenishing the supply of vitamins for pets is a simple and correct solution. Picking off green grass on the street, you risk infecting your pet with dangerous diseases such as distemper or helminthic infestations. Unlike grass plucked from the lawn, grass from the store is healthy and safe.

You can buy cereal seeds and grow them in a plate at home, placing them on a balcony or windowsill. Just do not collect soil from a flower bed or garden, vermiculite is excellent for these purposes, it absorbs moisture well and does not sour.

How to stop your pet from eating houseplants

You will have to spend a little time for your four-legged friend to become well-mannered and accustomed to order. With dogs, it will be possible to solve the problem faster, but it is much more difficult to agree with the cat, not to damage the flower culture.

At the initial stage, special aromatic products will help, which can be purchased at pet stores. The fragrant composition is very subtly expressed, perceptible only for the acute nose of animals. Please note that the packaging with the product must indicate that it can be used indoors. There are also similar preparations for personal plots, they have a more intense smell that will scare off not only animals, but also prevent you from sitting quietly in the room.

From available tools, you can use citrus fruits or rubbing alcohol. Spread cotton pads moistened with alcohol or slices of lemons, oranges between the flowerpots, they need to be changed periodically. Experienced flower growers solve this problem by placing indoor citrus trees in the foreground, their aroma serves as a reliable protection against attempts by tailed friends on green plants.

If you show patience, you will be able to harmoniously combine green beauties and four-legged pets in an apartment in a short time. By following simple recommendations, you will be able to organize everything so that they do not give you trouble and problems for each other.