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The queen of flowers - orchid

The queen of flowers - orchid

The orchid is deservedly called the queen of flowers. This is an ancient, majestic and very beautiful flower! The orchid has been popular at all times, and its multi-colored, diverse flowers delight its admirers to this day.

Growing an orchid in your home is not so easy. The queen of flowers requires attention and care, like any beauty.

Phalaenopsis is the most suitable for keeping at home.

Orchid substrate can be purchased at the store and consists of small pieces of pine bark. Expanded clay can be laid at the bottom of a transparent planter, thereby creating good drainage for the plant.

It is important to remember that Phalaenopsis does not like stagnant water, this is not a water lily, although it is a lover of moisture. Water the plants with settled water at room temperature.

Orchids love warmth, so the optimal temperature for keeping them is + 20 ° C + 25 ° C, at a lower temperature, beautiful flowers can not be expected.

When the orchid blooms this is an extraordinary sight! Luxurious flowers stay on the peduncle for at least three weeks.

After flowering is complete, the peduncle is cut off, counting two buds from the bottom. Then your pet needs to be given a rest - arrange a rest period for two to three weeks by placing the plant in partial shade.

At this time, you do not need to water the plant, it is recommended to spray only.

In order for your pet not to get sick and pests do not appear on it, phalaenopsis is treated with insecticides (phytoverm, agrovertin) in a half dose.

Phalaenopsis is propagated by dividing an adult plant. Make a cut with a knife so that each part has its own roots.

Good luck and pleasure to all lovers in growing beautiful flowers - orchids!