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Painting and airbrushing on flower pots

Painting and airbrushing on flower pots

Airbrushing can add bright colors to your interior. The essence of the method is to apply paint using a special device for painting - an airbrush.

Thanks to this technology, amazingly beautiful paintings are created on almost any surface.

Using the method of airbrushing the interior, you can emphasize the uniqueness of the owner of the apartment, harmoniously link the design of the room with the vision of the world of a particular person, and clearly tell about the interests and lifestyle. The object for creating artistic images is: furniture, walls, windowsill.

The original picture transforms the appearance of a table, lamp, laptop, any object.

A flower pot is one of these items, especially attractive to the artist because of the ability to harmoniously combine the effect of their colors with the natural beauty of the plant.

Airbrushing on flowerpots

Aerography of flower pots is a new, fashionable trend in modern interior design.

With the help of the virtuoso skill of our specialist, delightful images are obtained, with incredible accuracy applied to flower pots.

Unlike the usual painting with a brush, drawings made using an airbrush allow you to accurately convey lines, small details without annoying smudges.

Thanks to the spray method under the influence of compressed air, an even, neat, thin layer of paint is obtained on the surface of the flowerpot.

By contacting us, you are guaranteed to get an individual approach and attentive attitude, the master will listen to your wishes, prompt and advise on issues of interest.

Each instance is created with love - this will be reflected in the result. In the talented hands of an airbrush artist, a flower pot is transformed into an amazing piece of art.

Which drawing to choose

There can be a huge number of options: a marine theme, an elegant branch of a plant, mouth-watering bunches of grapes, animals, people, landscapes. Endless possibilities are open before you, it all depends on the wealth of imagination.

You can take a ready-made drawing as a basis, or tell in words what you would like to see on the surface of the flowerpot.

The drawing should correspond to the room in which the flower will stand and emphasize the individuality of the owner. Images of cartoon characters or funny animals, butterflies, ladybugs will fit into the children's room in the best way.

In the living room, bright drawings in the style of impressionism will look best. In the kitchen, place a flowerpot with a still life or colorful children's drawings. A romantic painting of a flower pot is ideal for decorating the interior of a bedroom, for example, an image of a couple in love or an interesting abstraction in pastel colors.

Painted flowerpot as a gift

Presenting a decorative flower in an original pot with a drawing is the best way to make a pleasant surprise for a loved one.

Even if the lucky owner of an unusual gift is not an avid florist, you can be sure that such a gift will not leave him indifferent.

After all, a beautifully designed flowerpot will become an unusual, unique interior decoration.

Painting in folk style

Flowerpot Gzhel

Flowerpot Khokhloma

Flowerpot Petrikovka

Author's works: Art studio of aerography "Masha and Mice". Painting and airbrushing on any surface!

If you are afraid to make a mistake in your choice or do not know the preferences of the hero of the occasion, the ideal solution would be to purchase a gift certificate for airbrushing.

Our professional airbrush artist has a high level of knowledge, has grasped all the subtleties and nuances of art. Decorated with a beautiful pattern, the pot will gracefully fit into the modern design of the apartment and will become an attractive highlight of your interior.