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Azalea indoor

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Azalea indoor

Height: from 25 cm to 35 cm; d pot - 12 cm, 14 cm.

Colors: pink, white, red.

The birthplace of azalea (rhododendron) is Japan, India, China.

The flower prefers bright diffused light and high humidity. Azalea is valuable because it blooms from December to June. The flowering period is approximately one and a half months.

The early varieties bloom from December to February, the middle ones from February to April, the late ones from April to June. Thus, having three varieties, you can admire the flowers from winter to summer.

If you want to buy an azalea in Kiev: call us on phone/viber. You can also buy indoor rhododendron through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Indoor azalea care.

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