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Capsicum solanum

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Capsicum solanum

Height (with a pot): 20-30 cm, d of a pot - 12-14 cm.

Capsicum solanum (Latin Capsicum solanum) - belongs to the Solanaceae family. Shrubs of this genus in nature reach a height of 1.5 meters, in indoor culture - up to 30-40 cm.

Solanum is also called Tomatoes for the many small red, yellow, orange fruits on its branches.

It is for this beauty that he is so appreciated by lovers of indoor plants. Capsicum loves bright lighting, when placed in the shade, it will produce fewer berries (fruits). Feels great outdoors in summer. Room temperature is excellent for development.

Additionally: Capsicum - growing and care.

Attention: for all the decorativeness, the plant is poisonous and the berries are too, so protect small children and animals from it.

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