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The healing properties of cannabis - truth or myth

The healing properties of cannabis - truth or myth

In the modern world, cannabis is associated primarily with its narcotic effect: in fact, many people smoke weed for an altered state of consciousness.

However, this plant has been known since ancient times for its medicinal properties.

Today, the role of cannabis as a medicinal plant is gradually returning. For example, in some countries, marijuana is being legalized for medical purposes. True, we are talking here, for the most part, about the use of non-psychoactive varieties of marijuana.

So, "weed" helps many people to survive the pain associated with various serious diseases. The use of cannabis for this purpose is quite justified: it is a natural remedy that has an analgesic effect. At the same time, unlike many pain relievers, especially opiate-based drugs, cannabis does not cause such physical addiction and severe side effects. It is known that using marijuana (as prescribed by a doctor) improves mood, so in some cases it is recommended as an antidepressant.

Traditional medicine uses not only the psychoactive parts of cannabis, it also uses a range of drugs made from industrial hemp. These include, for example, phytin, which is obtained from hemp seeds and hemp cake.

Phytin is a calcium-magnesium salt of phytic acid. In medicine, this substance is used in order to prevent fatty liver disease, as well as to treat certain disorders of the nervous system. In addition, phytin promotes the elimination of radionuclides from the body. In addition, pharmacists make cannabis-based drugs that are effective in treating glaucoma.

Natural THC, which can be obtained from cannabis, has also found its way into traditional pharmaceuticals. In many countries around the world, the drug Sativex is used, created on the basis of cannabis and the natural cannabinoids that it contains. In countries such as Great Britain, Israel, Canada, Sativex has established itself as an effective remedy for multiple sclerosis.

Studies by Spanish physicians have also shown the beneficial effects of THC in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. It turned out that THC inhibits the destruction of brain neurons, thereby helping to prevent memory loss and the development of dementia.

As for traditional medicine, hemp has been used in it for thousands of years. It is believed that for the first time this plant became interested in the healers of Ancient India and other countries of the Middle East: here the history of the use of marijuana for medical purposes dates back, perhaps, more than 4 thousand years.

Ancient healers used marijuana to relieve pain, increase appetite, and anesthetize a person before surgery. It has also been traditionally used in India to help relieve muscle spasms and seizures. Europeans discovered the healing properties of cannabis in the century before last, during the colonization of India by the British.

There are many ways to use cannabis as a traditional medicine these days. Hemp seeds are widely used: its decoctions have strong anti-inflammatory properties, help cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. An infusion or decoction of hemp seeds is an excellent treatment for kidney disease. It is also used as a remedy for bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Among other things, hemp seeds contain many useful elements: magnesium, calcium, zinc, and a number of vitamins.

Hemp leaves also have medicinal properties. Tea made from marijuana leaves is used to treat conjunctivitis: patients can use it to wash their eyes, or apply compresses from cotton pads dipped in a small amount of warm broth.

But the most popular hemp product in medicine is hemp oil. It helps to cope with a number of ailments: rickets, prostatitis and impotence, hemorrhoids, and some neurotic disorders. Hemp oil is also suitable for external use. So, massage with hemp oil helps to cope with radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases. This product is also used for cosmetic purposes, as it has a rejuvenating effect, helps smooth wrinkles, and get rid of pimples.

Hemp oil can be used in cooking too. The interesting taste and aroma of hemp oil will be an excellent alternative to traditional sunflower oil for dressing salads. It is tasty and useful for them to water porridge, enrich sauces, soups. True, you should not fry in hemp oil: most of the beneficial properties will disappear during heat treatment.

So, hemp has not only healing properties, but also finds application in cooking and cosmetology. However, medicines made according to traditional medicine, from different parts of hemp, must be coordinated with your doctor.

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