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Conifers in the garden: green area all year round

Conifers in the garden: green area all year round

Conifers are decorative throughout the year due to the variety of shades of their needles. It can be not only green, but also bluish, silver-blue, golden.

On the site in winter, conifers play the main role.

And in the summer, when other ornamental plants dominate, conifers look contrasting against the background of deciduous plants. Dark crowns of conifers are able to shade deciduous greenery and emphasize the variegation of flowers. In any case, conifers will favorably emphasize the rest of the plants and make the site more spectacular.

If the garden is made in a regular style and has smooth hedges, symmetrical shapes, a regular reservoir, then conifers will become its basis.

These can be dwarf species in mixborders, evenly trimmed thuja and junipers, topiary figures from conifers - balls, cubes, cones. A group of fir trees and a pine specimen draw attention to themselves in the garden.

The Japanese garden imitates a wild natural landscape, so the conifers will fit perfectly there. You can plant cedar pine, common pine, Korean fir, thuja, yew, juniper there. Each of these plants will carry a certain meaning.

And graphic branches and contrasting needles will favorably emphasize the stones that are necessarily present in Japanese gardens.

Almost any conifers will create a special mood in all areas of the garden.

To give the ceremonial alleys a strict atmosphere, they use blue spruce and fir. With their help, they often give seriousness and formality to the site.

For a comfortable and secluded resting place, it is worth planting weeping forms of pine or larch with branches hanging down to the ground.

To hide an unsightly or rough fence, you can arrange a hedge of graceful thuja.

Dwarf junipers and pines will decorate the pond or alpine slide.

Conifers not only accentuate the spectacular parts of the garden, but also hide unsuccessful buildings and landscape elements. For these purposes, yews, thuja, and fir are used.

All qualities of conifers are used to decorate the garden. One of the best advantages of these plants is the severity and compactness of the crown.

Well-sheared conifers can be trimmed to the desired crown shape.

In a small area, you can use dwarf conifers.

They are grown in containers or in flower beds, because they do not take up much space and do not exceed more than a meter in height. Together with them, plant carpets, alpine slides and heather beds are created.

Conifers are often chosen for their site, since they are undemanding to soil, lighting and regular watering. Their unpretentiousness is combined with the beauty of the garden, which does not require careful gardening.

It is worth planting conifers in the fall and avoiding stagnant water. In winter, you need to shake off snow from the plants, which can lead to mechanical damage.

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